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About modular housing

Modular housing is constructed from prefabricated wood-based panels. Firstly, a wooden structure is manufactured, then it is filled with rock, glass or environmentally-friendly wool. Outdoor and indoor finishing and other thermal, moisture and sound insulation materials are chosen with consideration to the customer’s specific needs.

Wood-based construction advantages

Environmentally-friendly. Wood, which is considered the most environmentally-friendly construction material, serves as the basis of modular housing. It is up to the customer to choose the materials to fill the wooden structure. If environmentally-friendly thermal, moisture insulation and finish materials are preferred, a very healthy microclimate can be ensured.

Cost-efficient.Modular housing solutions are very competitive when the quality to price ratio is considered. Each customer can choose the size of house, wall thickness, materials for outdoor and indoor finishes and construction duration based on his or her needs and financial resources.

Time saving. Our wooden elements are prefabricated, then transported to the site and assembled. Since most of the construction work is completed in the production facilities under controlled moisture conditions, the duration of construction is considerably shorter than with a standard building. A medium-sized, non-complex house can be assembled on a plot in one day.

About HTCC

HTCC is an international group of companies implementing real estate projects. Its main activities include construction, reconstruction and renovation of prefabricated housing, manufacture of various structures for modular houses as well as consulting in construction issues.

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